About Me

My name is Mark Proctor. I am a 4th student at Dundalk Institute of Technology and currently studying Communications in Creative Media. When I hopefully finish this course, I'll have attained an Honours Degree and wish to pursue a career in the creative media world. The area which appeals to me the most is web design. It is the area that I am most confident in and have had strong submissions in during my time studying. I feel that this is a sector that I am suited to and hope to develop a long career in.

I have a strong work ethic and believe you should always give your all. By trying, I experience new ways and new perspectives of accomplishing things. This helps me learn new techniques. There is never a point in which I cannot progress as I develop my skill set further. I believe that this outlook is beneficial in the web design industry as it has a diverse range of clients and projects, requiring unique approaches. This pushes me to look for alternative solutions. I embrace this responsibility and relish the challenge it brings. This presents me with opportunities to showcase my talents and further build upon my abilities. This results in a positive outcome for all parties.